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CBS Exotic Stones is a Family Owned Supplier of Natural and Engineered Stones such as Granite, Marble, Natural Quartzite, Soap Stones, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, Quartz and Porcelain for Counters, Walls, Bathrooms and Landscape. With more than 25,000 square footage of warehouse showroom, we have been providing our customers since 2007 with the highest top quality of products from all over the world to satisfy all tastes and project needs throughout New England area.

CBS Exotic Stone Warehouse

Exceptional Service

We believe in being treated as we would like to be treated. Though we only sell directly to fabricators, we treat our walk-ins with the courtesy we'd expect from others. We do our best to give them space to browse, at the same time our staff is always available answer any questions they may have. 

We are invested in making sure our warehouse is well lit, clean, and spacious. Our products are displayed in a manner that allows for optimal viewing so everyone can enjoy the beauty of each stone.